The Zodiac Hellions

The 12 Hellions of the Zodiac is a collection of humans who became powerful demons.  Their leader is Hydra.

List of HellionsEdit

Esuom Ratimir - The Rat Hellion

Enilef Mihos - The Cat Hellion 

Retsoor Gallus - The Bird Hellion

Eninac Adolphus - The Dog Hellion

Gip Porcius - The Boar Hellion

Kay Damhan - The Ox Hellion

Regit Tigernan - The Tiger Hellion

Tibbar Beatrix - The Hare Hellion

Ekans Meduso - The Cobra Hellion

Yeknom Hari - The Ape Hellion

Pe-Ehs Jael - The Goat Hellion

Esroh Xanthippe - The Steed Hellion

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