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Hercleo is a descendant of Venus who helped return the power over the elements to the 13 Elemengels.

Basic InfoEdit

Name: Hercleo

Nickname: Hercleo the Great

Clan: Lambda

Guardian: Uni

Power: Water, Wind, Electricity, Sound, Storm, Fire, Ice, Death, Time, Earth, Strength, Psychic

Weapon: Sword (passed down to Venus)

Profession: Sailor

SES: Poverty

Celestial Race: Seraphim

Hair: White

Eyes: Gray

Skin: Dark Brown

Mother: Uni

Father: Tin

Son: Ancestor of Venus

Husband: Crew Member


Hercleo's story in told in Volume 6.  Venus visits the Angelic World in Volume 6 and spends most of the book wondering who Hercleo is.  Hercleo is a character who is mentioned once or twice in other volumes, but her story is not described in detail until Venus meets Uni in the Angelic World.  Uni is Hercleo's mother, but she's also her guardian.  Hercleo was born an immortal, but she was turned into a mortal and lived on Dionne before it split into the star system as it is in Venus's time.  Once she returns to her immortal form she is known as Hercleo the Great.

The thirteen elemengels, or elemental guardian angels, lost their powers during Hercleo's time on Dionne.  Seven demons stole their power and Hercleo was used to return the powers back to the elemental angels.   There was not enough souls to fight in the heavenly wars and many demons were turning human souls in Hellions.  The Angelic World had to take action because the balance was being upset with all the demonic souls and not enough good souls.  Each elemengel becomes the guardian of one chosen mortal.  Once the mortal dies they become an elemengel with the same power as their guardian.

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Hercleo the Great

The thirteen original elemental angels are:







Ukko and Rauni