Hyperion and Venus

Hyperion is the angel of light who watches over the Lambda Clan.  Her protected one is Venus.

Basic InfoEdit

Name: Hyperion

Clan: Epsilon

Guardian: Uni

Power: Light

Profession: Guardian Angel

Celestial Race: Seraphim

Hair: Silver and White

Eyes: Silver

Skin: Light Brown

Mother: Uni

Father: Tin

Son:  (Find our in Volume 3)

Daughter: (Find out in Volume 3)

Husband: (Find out in Volume 3)


Hyperion is an angel who takes on a mortal form after falling in love with her first protected one.  Later on, she becomes the guardian angel of Venus.  She reveals herself to Venus when the girl is about eight years old.

We find out who Hyperion was during her mortal life in Volume 3 and we discover how she died in Volume 5.

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