Krono Australis

Krono is a chosen member of the Delta Clan and has the power over earth.

Basic InfoEdit

Name: Krono Australis

Clan: Delta

Guardian: Capricorn

Power: Earth

SES: Upper Class

Celestial Race: Demon / Vampire

Hair: Dark Red

Eyes: Reddish Brown

Skin: Beige

Mother: Orcus Australis

Father: Pluto Australis

Sister: Styx Australis

Grandmother: Perse Australis

Grandfather: Hydra


Krono is the twin brother of Styx Australis and the son of Pluto Australis.  He loves his father despite what others say about him or think about him.  Even though he's a part of the Delta Clan, he's another misfit amoung them.  He's polite, friendly and easy to approach.  He has his father's eyes though, they can turn red when he's angry, but they typically remain a gentle brown color.  As a boy he was saved by Saturn after he was almost killed by Crux Australis.  Ever since that day, he's dreamed about the girl with the pink hair that saved him.

Find out more about Krono is Series II.