Lynx only


Lynx is a chosen member of the Tau Clan with the power over earth.

Basic InfoEdit

Name: Lynx

Clan: Tau

Guardian: Virgo

Power: Earth

SES: Upper Class

Celestial Race: Cherubim Division

Hair: Light Brown

Eyes: Dark Green

Skin: Blue

Mother: (Find out in Volume 5)

Father: (Find out in Volume 5)


Lynx is a mystery at the beginning because she just sort of shows up one night in her parent's room.  The mother had no recollection of giving birth to her, so they were hesitant to keep her.  With all the whacky experiments going on with Dr. Mihos, they knew it was a possibile he had a hand in it.  She could be a mechademon he sent and she only pretended to be their daughter.  Either that or she might be the real thing that he grew in a test tube.  Who could say?  But Lynx's story begins in Volume 5.