Saratoga and Ojinaga

Ojinaga and Saratoga

Ojinaga is a member of the Chi Clan and the younger sister of China.

Basic InfoEdit

Name: Ojinaga Adrian-Damhan

Clan: Chi

Clan Guardian: Pavana

SES: Upper class

Celestial Race: Cherubim Divsion

Hair: Black

Eyes: Green

Skin: Beige

Mother: Song-Kou

Father: Usa Adrian-Damhan

Brother: China Adrian

Sister: Saratoga

Cousin: Aysa Mihos


Ojinaga is the youngest daughter of Usa the leader of the Chi Clan.  She is a student of martial arts at the Chi Temple where her parents and older brother teaches classes.  She first appears in Volume 5 and will appear again in Series II.