Pluto, the children, Orcus, Perse

Perse is the leader of the Delta Clan.

Basic InfoEdit

Name: Perse Australis

Clan: Delta (co-leader)

Clan Guardian: Hades

Power: Death / Darkness

Weapon: Conjuring

Profession: Delta Military Official

SES: Upper Class

Celestial Race: Demon / Vampire

Hair: Dark Grey

Eyes: Red

Skin:  Pale

Husband: Hydra Australis

Daughter: Orcus

Son: Pluto (son-in-law)

Grandson: Krono

Granddaughter: Styx


Perse is the wife of Hydra and married him before he lost his body in the battle with Hercleo.  She gave birth to Orcus some time after they were married.  She cared for Orcus like a mother even though most demons abandon their children, use them as slaves, or consume them.  She valued Orcus's life because she was all that remained of Hydra's physical being.  Being the wife of Hydra equates her to a goddess amoung her people.

Perse appears in the story for the first time in Volume 4.