China Usa Songkou

China, Usa and Song-Kou

Song-Kou is a member of the Chi Clan and the wife of Usa the leader.

Basic InfoEdit

Name: Song-Kou Mihos-Damhan

Clan: Chi

Clan Guardian: Pavana

Profession: Martial Arts Instructor

SES: Upper Class

Celestial Race: Cherubim Divsion

Hair: Black

Eyes: Black

Skin: Beige

Father: Enilef Mihos

Brother: Dr. Mihos

Husband: Usa Damhan

Son: China Adrian

Daughters: Ojinaga, Saratoga

Niece: Aysa


Song-Kou is the sister of Dr. Mihos and it shows in her personality.  She's much colder than her husband, Usa, who has a rambuctious personality.  They couldn't be more different.  She's not a mean person, but she has a distant sort of personality and is very picky about the girls her son brings home.  She's a chain smoker who keeps promising to quit to the annoyance of her son China.