Styx face

Styx Australis

Styx is a chosen member of the Delta Clan and has the power of water.

Basic InfoEdit

Name: Styx Australis

Clan: Delta

Guardian: Leo

Power: Water

SES: Wealthy

Celestial Race: Demon / Vampire

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Red

Skin: Pale

Father: Pluto Australis

Mother: Orcus Australis

Brother: Krono Australis

Grandmother: Perse Australis

Grandfather: Hydra

Section headingEdit

Styx fits in better with the Delta Clan than her twin brother Krono.  She's all about studying the occult, learning about vampires, and practicing conjuring spells.  Despite her love of her family's witchcraft, she is still a black sheep of the family. 

No matter what anyone says about her father, Pluto, he is still her biggest role model.  Unfortunately, something that she inherited from her father is a love for someone in the Borealis family.

More of Styx's story will be revealed in Volumes 8-12.

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