Sumo Only

Sumo Jael

Sumo is leader of the Tau Clan.

Basic InfoEdit

 Name: Tomiki Sumo

Clan: Tau (leader)

Clan Guardian: Inta

Profession: Caretaker of Tau Temple

SES: Upper Class

Celestial Race: Strongholds Division

Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown

Skin: Pale

Father: Pe-Ehs Jael

Granddaughter: Tomiki Aikido

Daughter: Judo

Niece: Kendo

Husband: Jujitsu


Sumo is the leader of the Tau Clan in the Western Galaxy located in the Dionne System.  He is reverred by everyone in the Tau Clan and they all look up to him... if they could.  He's so short that he doesn't come up higher than the knees of most people.

Sumo appears for the first time in Volume 1 and has several appearances throughout Series I.