Circus di Theta

Circus di Theta

Theta Clan is guarded by Lei-Shen and Tian-Mu. Notable characters from the Theta Clan include Gypsy, Tora, Yin and Yang.

Clan InfoEdit

The Theta Clan is filled with notorious thieves who are the best in the galaxy.  They can pull any sort of job from breaking in cars, pick-pocketing, or cat burglary.  They are exceptional at what they do because they do it without leaving a trace of themselves behind to get caught.  Their well will eventually run dry.  Still they are good for a laugh hear and there especially the twins, Yin and Yang.

They have a large family and each one has a different talent on stage.  Yin and Yang used to be the clowns as children.  Rom and Rani are clowns as well.  Picaro is a expert at doing death-defying moves while riding horses.  Zingara, the elder sister of the twins, is known for her exotic dances.  Cirque is a contortionist; Lancet is a knife thrower; Czigany has skills on the balance beam and tight rope.  The only member of the family to ever get caught by the law was their great grandfather three times removed named Ganef and although he has been gone for years they still talk about him.