Uranus on the left.

Uranus is a member of the Beta Clan and is one of the villains in Volume 2.

Basic InfoEdit

Name: Uranus Porcius

Clan: Beta

Guardian: Hydra

Weapon: Wealth and Influence

Profession: Businessman / Robotics

SES: Upper Class

Celestial Race: Half-Blood

Hair: Orange

Eyes: Yellow

Skin: Beige

Father: Tibbar Beatrix

Sister: Usagi Beatrix

Son: Persia

Daughter: Syria

Wife: Aysa Mihos


Uranus married Aysa Mihos after an arranged marriage planned by her father and his clan.  It was all just a plot to all Dr. Mihos to take over the Beta Clan and the mechademons.  Uranus is a wealthy businessman and the owner of a large robotics company.  Because of this, he has a great deal of influence over the androids and even the mechangels in the city.  Find out the evil things he was up to in Volume 2.